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Welcome to speciality coffee. There are many types of coffee available, but only 5% of coffee beans harvested are classified speciality grade, this features the best coffee from farmers around the world.

Whether you enjoy espresso coffee, black coffee, hazelnut coffee, iced coffee, lattes or cappuccinos; the best coffee will always pick you up with a taste of luxury, from the ancient varieties of Ethiopian coffee to the newer coffee bean varieties of Central America.

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We supply Speciality Coffee from around the World

It is very likely that in and around this region coffee had its origins. The early history of coffee as an economic product is quite vague and the absence of fact allows for a profusion of conjectural statements and mythical stories.

The use of Arabica coffee in Ethiopia was recorded in the 15th century, and was then stated to have been practiced from time immemorial. Neighboring countries, however, appear to have been quite ignorant of its value.

Various legendary accounts are given of the discovery of the beneficial properties of the plant, one ascribing it to a flock of sheep accidentally browsing on the wild shrubs, with the result that they became euphoric and sleepless at night.

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Coffee is now grown on every continent

Soon word spread and its physiological action in dissipating drowsiness and preventing sleep was taken advantage of by Arabs on the Arabian Peninsula. However, some deemed coffee to be an intoxicating beverage, and therefore prohibited, and periodically severe penalties were threatened to those addicted to its use.

Coffee-drinking habit spread rapidly in Arabia, and the growth of coffee and its use as a national beverage became as inseparably connected with Arabia as tea is with China.

Towards the close of the 16th century the use of coffee was recorded by a European resident in Egypt, and about this time it came into general use in the near East. The appreciation of coffee as a beverage in Europe dates from the 17th century, and the rest is history.

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Our Focus is on Speciality Coffee

In the process of roasting, coffee seeds expand due to the release of gases within their core, their weight decreasing in proportion to the extent to which the roast is carried.

As the coffee roast continues, the aroma develops and it liberates a portion of the caffeine from its combination with the caffetannic acid. Roasting is a pleasant operation because of these aromas, and also of a crucial nature, for equally by insufficient and by excessive roasting much of the aroma of the coffee is lost; and all flavor and smell can be lost – even in the best coffee beans.

The roaster must use his/her judgment on the amount of heat required for the adequate roasting of different Arabica coffee batches, and while that is variable, the range of roasting temperature proper for individual roasts is only narrow, if the unique coffee flavors are to be enjoyed.

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A collage of coffee beans showing various stages of roasting from raw through to Italian roast

The roasting of coffee should be done as short a time as practicable before the grinding for use, and as ground coffee rapidly looses its aroma, the grinding should only be done when coffee is about to be prepared. For more on this fascinating subject, click here.

How our coffee is grown is as important as how it’s roasted and what types of coffee are available. That’s why we ensure only the highest quality beans from trusted sources are selected. These farmers and local distributors share our belief in the superiority of Speciality Arabica. From South East Asia, Africa and Latin America; we are constantly searching for the best coffee farmers around the world.

Aroma Coffee speciality coffee suppliers offer clients the freshest coffee on the market, delivered straight from our local roastery to the final consumer waiting for their espresso. Speciality coffee accounts for a tiny percentage of coffee sold, but the best coffee is all we deal in. We are the leading premium cafe coffee suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and throught the UAE.

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Locally roasted coffee for your Establishment

Need only the best arabica coffee beans or ground coffee? Need a diverse and robust coffee inventory for iced coffee, hazelnut coffee, mochas, and unique in-house coffee flavors? We can offer assistance utilizing our combined 30 years as speciality coffee suppliers in the hospitality and catering industries ensuring locally roasted speciality coffee deliveries to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the country and GCC region.

Feel free to contact us, not only about purchasing locally roasted arabica coffee but with regards to understanding the Speciality Coffee industry, how we can offer our services as local coffee suppliers or general advice – we are eager to pass on our knowledge.

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