Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee

It is very likely that in and around this region is where coffee had its origins.

Sidamo coffee is well-balanced with cupping notes exhibiting berries and citrus with complex acidity. The coffee hails from the province of Sidamo in the Ethiopian highlands at elevations from 1,500 up to 2,200 meters above sea level.

At these elevations the coffee beans can be qualified as “Strictly High Grown” (SHG). Here the Ethiopian coffees grow more slowly and therefore have more time to absorb nutrients and develop more robust flavors based on the local climate and soil conditions.

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These coffees have a rich body that is very complex along with a bright and vibrant aftertaste that are fairly consistent from year to year, making this a staple Ethiopian coffee for any coffee roaster.

Our single origin washed Ethiopian Sidamo have received attention from people not previously familiar with Ethiopian Sidamo coffees. The rich fruit flavors and hints of jasmine shine through even up to a dark roast, which imparts dark chocolate notes, and compliments the overall flavor profile. These coffees are hand-picked and sorted, then raised on drying beds until the coffee is ready to be shipped and roasted.

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