Guatemalan Coffee

Coffee from Guatemala tend to have tasting notes indicating a full body and a rich chocolatey-cocoa flavor, and a toffee-like sweetness. Guatemalan coffees are true Central American coffees.

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Guatemalan Grade 1

The beans are grown at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level which combines with the fertile volcanic soils to produce a distinctive crop. Not as well known as its Ethiopian piers, this country does however produce a desirable coffee which can produce strong rich flavors and aromas.

The best Guatemalan coffee is the Guatemala Antigua, which is distinguished for its complex flavor and hint of cocoa. Antigua is known to exhibit the typical Guatemalan coffee qualities which include a full body (heavier than the typical Central American coffee) and spicy flavor that is often very rich, even velvety. An ideal coffee-growing soil and climate is found in the Antigua region, a valley surrounded by three volcanoes.

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