Indian Coffee

A good India coffee exhibits characteristics similar to Indonesian coffees, particularly Java Arabica including a full body yet with an acidity more in line with a good Guatemala Coffee. The spicy flavors of a fine India coffee may include notes of cardamom, clove, pepper and nutmeg and perhaps hints of tropical fruit.

locally roasted speciality coffee
Indian AA Arabica

Indian Mysore coffee is grown in the southern district of Nilgiris and Shevaroys generally exhibit higher levels of acidity than other coffees of the region. Respected Indian coffee is also grown in the states of Tamilnadu (which used to be called Madras) and Kerala.

India coffees are often left out in large, open-roof silos or in open warehouses during the monsoon season to be exposed to the moisture-laden winds.

This monsooning of the coffee beans may continue for as long as three years and results in a strengthening of the coffee’s sweetness, often creating intense woody and loamy sensations – and a weakening of the acidity.

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