Kenyan Coffee

Kenyan coffees have a huge range of flavors and nuances depending on the region, varietal and processing methods used. It’s a huge country with a wide variety of cultures and customs and has a lot to offer to those who want to dive into separate regions. The best Kenyan coffees can have a full spectrum of flavors to those with a well developed palate.

It’s not only coffee that Kenya grows however – tea is actually more popular locally, and the coffee plantations can be erratic and dispersed between much larger groves of avocado trees and nut trees.

Known for their potent sweetness and powerful character, Kenyan coffee tasting notes indicate it has a resonant cup presence, exhibiting intense flavors with a distinct winey richness and dry, winey aftertaste similar to Ethiopian Harrar yet with more of a full-bodied richness than Ethiopian coffees.

Prodly Suppllies Coffee from Kenya
Rich Kenyan Coffee

A good Kenya coffee is vibrant yet clean and crisp, not subtle or delicate, and typically very well-balanced. Notes of lemony citrus may be present, even pepper, along with tones of blackberry. The aftertaste of a Kenya coffee may be quite dry with

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