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For product information and prices visit our sales page, for questions and comments feel free to contact us; we are the UAE’s premier provider of high quality coffee to cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Aroma Speciality Coffee Suppliers were founded in the UAE  to fill the niche market of speciality coffee roastery, by people who share a passion for quality arabica coffee over convenience and who have had experience in the speciality coffee markets of other countries and wanted to serve the growing demand for high quality arabica coffee.

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Mountain Grown Speciality Coffee

Our mission is to open up the world of quality coffee to more people and boost the deserved recognition of Speciality Coffee Beans.

As speciality coffee suppliers we envisage that our local coffee roastery will not only represent the speciality coffee industry but will also aid the producers of premium arabica coffee beans throughout the world.

Join us in our mission by spreading the word and enjoy our selection of premium arabica coffee roasted locally and delivered throughout the UAE. We are a leading speciality coffee roastery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Take a moment to read through our section on the history of the humble coffee bean and learn of the amazing flavour, vitalising capacity and social impact of coffee. We have a growing library of information to guide newcomers.

Also feel free to contact if you have any queries. Most of all try a cup of traditionally grown and skillfully prepared speciality grade arabica coffee that’s roasted locally.

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Upgrade your coffee menu today!

Our Roastery

We sell only Speciality Arabica coffee beans, sourced at origin and roasted in UAE in small batches, from the best farmers around the world in retail and wholesale quantities. We are keen to provide wholesale coffee supplies to cafes, restaurant and hotels, but unlike most other arabica coffee suppliers in Dubai we maintain the freshness and quality of our speciality arabica coffee supplies. As a truly national company we have been met with great enthusiasm as a speciality arabica coffee bean supplier in Abu Dhabi.

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We prefer the old fashioned approach to locally roasting speciality arabica coffee involving the accumulation of roasting knowledge with the coffee roasters handing down what they have learnt from experience to newer coffee bean roasters. All the computerized gimmickry in the world will fail you if the human talent isn’t there.

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Cooling coffee beans

All our coffee is roasted at our premises in Sharjah and speciality grade coffee can be supplied to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the country to ensure the best coffee cup quality on the market. The locally roasted arabica coffee can be ordered in 1kg packages.

We are willing to supply samples for potential customers and value long term commercial relationships with independent cafes and other consumers of speciality coffee.

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