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Ethiopian, Sidamo


full body, sweet, complex flavor, low acidity 100
Ethiopian, Harrar


fruity, floral acidity, cinnamon, cardamom Contact us
Ugandan, Bugishu


chocolate, lighter body, clean flavor Contact us
Mexican, Chiapas


light body and acidity, nutty, chocolaty overtones Contact us
Nicaraguan Screen 18 milk chocolate, vanilla, clean 100
Guatemalan G1 complex flavor, hint of cocoa, full body 100
Kenyan AA full body, deep citrus taste, bright taste with tones of fruits and berries 100
Indian AA full body Contact us


Delivery charged at 30 AED, but free if order is for 5 kilograms or more.

For deliveries outside of the UAE please contact us for more information.

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All prices are final; no additional taxes will be added.

All our coffee is roasted at our premises and can be delivered within hours of roasting to ensure the best coffee cup quality on the market. We use an attractive foil lined Kraft paper bag with one way de-gassing valves to maintain taste and aroma. All coffee is roasted to medium-dark or ‘full city roast’ unless roasting preference is mentioned by customer.

We are happy to offer samples to prospective customers – tell us what coffee/coffees you are interested in.

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