Speciality Vs Commercial coffee

All coffee bean batches collected by farmers are graded according to physical bean characteristics during an examination of colour, size and bean deterioration. Later on the taste is checked during a process known as cupping where learned hands sip sample after sample and note weather its bitter, has a full body, is fragrant, is acidic, isĀ  fruity, is winey, is earthy or is light and clean.

arabica speciality arabica cupping
Coffee cupping at origin

A score sheet is kept on every criteria and a total value determines the coffee bean’s grade (countries have different grading systems). The highest grade is called Speciality Coffee while the remaining 4 or 5 grades are termed commercial and end up in your local mass market coffee shop or on the supermarket shelf.

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Speciality Coffee

The two main families of coffee plants are known as Arabica and Robusta. The varieties that come from the Robusta have higher caffeine content, greater resistance to pests, have a high yield and grow at low altitude. All this comes at a price: Little aroma and little flavor compared to the Arabica variety.
Arabica plants, require good nutrition, height, shade and high altitude. All these factors make the fruit ripen slowly.

coffee beans supplied
Cupping a Coffee Sample

All respectable Speciality Coffee’s are Arabica. We take great care in keeping the beans at their best during shippment and during storage, then pass on all those flavours by ensuring we deliver only what was freshly roasted by us.

We only roast in small batches to ensure that as much attention can be given to the beans and often we will roast especially for customers, packing and delivering it on the same day.

speciality coffee industry
The Process of Speciality Coffee

Brewing coffee is an art in itself, but we’ll leave you to discover that.

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